Heintzleman Tree Planting

Hans Heintzleman, his son Hanson Heintzleman, and Cooper Sprague volunteer to plant two Dogwood Trees on April 14th at Tom and Debbie Heck’s house. Debbie says she is usually the one spending time outdoors planting, but she has fallen ill and hasn’t had the energy. “I’m so glad we could give her this small token of hope and life,” Hans said. Hans owns Heintzelman Hardwood Floors and plants trees to replace the ones he uses for his business. Next week Hans will be planting over 900 trees to restore cleared areas at Munsee Woods with the Golden Eagle District Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops. Munsee woods is formerly Girl Scout Camp Munsee–now owned by Red Tail Conservancy. Hans started this program in his Cub Scout pack 7 years ago and went district wide last year. Photo by Kaiti Sullivan

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