a fresh start

Calico Corner Park is in the works of becoming a new community fruit orchard on the south side of Muncie. Located at the corner of E 16th St. and S Meeker Ave., by the Cardinal Greenway Trail, Calico Corner Park used to be a vacant lot of overgrown weeds and trash. It was around 2019 when Sarah and Dave Herbert started taking proper care of the property, and they put together a “Relaxation Station” there with a free book library for anyone that wanted to stop and rest there while walking by on the Cardinal Greenway Trail. It wasn’t until a year later that the Herbert’s got the option to buy the property, and they started Calico Corner Park. It may be a while until the food forest is ready for consumption, but the community is encouraged to come visit the park’s prayer nook and free book library until then. Photos by Madelyn Guinn.


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